The Joy of Green Remodeling For Couples

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Sustain your relationship while doing sustainable remodeling. Learn how to use your core strengths and those of your partner to co-create a pleasurable transformation of your living space. Engage in positive communication, brainstorm your vision, clarify priorities, and take the next step toward the green remodel of your home. This class can support couples at any stage of the remodeling process, whether you're just beginning to think about it or you're in the midst of a construction zone. Combining our strengths, we will help you transform what could be a stressful experience into a joyful new chapter in your lives together.

I am delighted to co-teach this course with my husband, Peter Waring, who offers green building and energy consulting through Healthier Dwelling.

Previously offered Monday, February 23, 2009, 6-9PM

$40 for couples (an $8 materials fee will be collected during the class)

This class is offered through Tam Adult EducationYou can register through

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