Wisdom Walks: Walking your Sacred Path

Wisdom walks take place in a labyrinth or another place in nature. The following is a short version of instructions for a Wisdom Walk as used in Courageous Happiness®.

  1. Stand quietly with your hands over your heart. Breathe deeply, letting go of any  previous activity. Come fully into this moment. Feel your feet connecting you with the earth.
  2. Set an intention for your walk. This can be a process of inquiry related to a compelling question or theme in your life right now.  It could relate to a current issue, a need for healing, a prayer for yourself or another person, something you wish to manifest, release, or bring energy to.
  3. Walk with this question or issue, asking for wisdom on the subject, allowing the process to unfold, allowing the energy of the earth and the labyrinth to reveal your wisdom, the wisdom of the earth and the sacred path. It can be simply breathing into the moment and seeing what arises.
  4. When you notice your mind wandering, pause or slow down, gently bringing yourself back to the question or issue at hand, back into your body, feelings and thoughts and breath. Not having to know what the wisdom or answer is. If another theme or question comes up, notice that, and if it becomes more compelling than the original, go with that one. Allow the experience to unfold, trusting that whatever rises up is right for you in this moment.  You are holding the intention for compassion and loving-kindness for yourself, without judgement.
  5. You might try walking with your hand on your heart to remind you of the love you have for yourself, with gratitude that you are here in this moment , in this body, able to walk and experience this day, the earth under your feet. Feel the petals of your heart opening like a flower, softening, taking in the healing energy of the elements; the sun, the air, wind.
  6. While you walk imagine the face of a beloved, your own, a child’s, a parent or friend, a pet, someone you want to send love or healing to right now.

In Courageous Happiness, we anchor a wisdom walk by engaging in a variety of creative processes. You can integrate this by following your walk with writing, dancing, or using art materials to anchor the experience.

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