Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

As a psychotherapist, I have an integrative approach in working with individuals and couples with a focus on positive psychology. My work is client-centered, solution- oriented and focused on the present, while addressing past issues as they come up as barriers to a healthier and happier life. I use mindfulness and aspects of positive psychology for developing greater resilience and positive emotions, while decreasing anxiety and depression.

With couples, we look at how to create deeper and healthier connections, greater compassion, intimacy and trust. We look at the goals, desires and visions for the relationship. I encourage couples to work with their strengths in developing positive communication, and to become more conscious in aligning their actions and behavior with the intention for a sustainable relationship.

I bring in a variety of methods and practices, depending on the needs and interests of my clients. Together we explore which of these is most helpful and meaningful, which can change and evolve over time. I assess what the client’s current needs are and whether coaching or psychotherapy is more appropriate. We then make an agreement about which way we will work together.

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