Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Through Courageous Happiness Coaching, we look at your strengths, gifts and passions, and the fears, obstacles, and negative beliefs, that stop you from doing what is most compelling to you, and that keep you from living from your most authentic self.

Specifically, Courageous Happiness Coaching supports you to:

  • identify and access your inherent strengths and resources
  • clarify your visions, intentions and take conscious action
  • explore courageous inner dialogue 
  • increase positive emotions, optimism and resilience
  • honor the deep well of your wisdom
  • create meaningful personal rituals
  • access your creative playful self

The elements of Courageous Happiness provide a transformative approach to creating a more fulfilling life and a fertile environment for conscious change in relationships, work, spirituality, health and creative endeavors. It encourages you to identify and use your inherent core strengths and gifts. This co-creative process is held in the spirit of compassion, gratitude and kindness for self and others.

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Individual sessions are available in person, by phone or skype.

Couples sessions are offered mainly in person, but can also be arranged through skype.

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To register for an event please call 415-456-8743 or send e-mail to or
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