Research Project on Women’s Courageous Happiness Stories in the Second Half of Life

I have launched a research project gathering Women’s Courageous Happiness stories in the second half of life.

I am interviewing women who have re-created themselves, are re-creating themselves, or have a calling to do so,

with a conscious intention to bring greater joy, happiness, well-being, contentment and inner peace into their lives, using courage and resilience to move beyond obstacles encountered along the way. My intention is to write a book based on these interviews.

My process of inquiry includes looking at how the various aspects of a woman's life support and inform this journey:

such as creativity, spirituality, work, relationships, nature and the environment, community, aging and health. I'm interested in exploring how one's gifts, strengths and passion play a role in this process and can increase meaning, joy and engagement, and also have a positive impact for the greater good.

My hope is that this research will deepen and expand what Courageous Happiness means for the women who share their stories and for all those who read them. Stories such as these have the potential to inspire us, to open our hearts and minds and to effect our lives.

If  you are interested in participating in this project please let me know and I will contact you as my research develops. 

I would appreciate you forwarding this information to women you know who might also be interested. Open to women 50 or better.

To register for an event please call 415-456-8743 or send e-mail to or
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