Creativity, Mindfulness, & Positive Psychology

Courageous Happiness® is a heart-centered process developed by Gail Danchig, that integrates creativity, mindfulness, nature and ritual with practices from positive psychology. It supports courageous dialogue with your authentic inner voice, helps you to access the deep well of your wisdom, clarify your visions and intentions, and move towards conscious action.

There is an alchemy that occurs when we bring together processes and practices that are centering, grounding and creative. This synthesis is uniquely expressed in each person. Gail offers a safe, nurturing and enlivening space, a container, a vessel for your explorations. Here you can rest, explore and discover your wisdom and your wildness. You can light up your inner landscape, be mindful and present with the source of your own being.

Courageous Happiness can help you to identify and use your core strengths and resources, integrate them with your passions and abilities, and engage in a variety of expressive modalities and mindfulness practices. Together these experiences will increase positive emotions, optimism and resilience and lead to meaningful change and growth in your relationships, work, spirituality, health and creative endeavors.

This co-creative process is held in the spirit of compassion, gratitude and kindness for self and others. No art experience is necessary - Gail honors the artist in everyone.


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To contact Gail for more information and to Register for an event, call 415-456-8743 or email

To register for an event please call 415-456-8743 or send e-mail to or
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